Tuesday 170321

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    MSgt Mike Maltz was born in Mineola on Long Island, NY 19 September 1960. There he attended Half Hollow Hills High School and graduated in 1978. In August of that same year he enlisted in the Air Force and upon completion of BMT and Technical School, he was assigned to the 1931 Communications Group, Elmendorf AFB, AK as an apprentice cable splicer. In December of 1985 he was reassigned to the 1827th Electronics Installation Squadron, Kelly AFB, TX. It was during this period that he was recognized as “one of the finest” by his Commander for this extreme dedication and tireless work ethic. Mike cross-trained into Pararescue in December of 1985. He successfully completed the demanding PJ indoctrination Course, Army Special Forces Underwater Combat Divers Course, Army Airborne Parachute Course, Air Force Survival School, and the Pararescue Recovery Specialist Course,. Mike was awarded his maroon beret and selected as the class Honor Graduate for his superb leadership qualities and academic excellence. From December 1985 through November 1989, Mike was assigned to the 55th Aerospace Rescue and Recovery
    Squadron and the 1730th Pararescue Squadron, Eglin Air Force Base, FL. While assigned, Mike participated in mountain rescue training in Dahlonega, GA and Project Denali. His physical ability led to his selection to represent the unit of the March 1989 summit climb of Mt. McKinley. Additionally, he was awarded the Air Force Commendation Medal for outstanding achievement near Addis Ababa for search and subsequent recovery of Congressman Mickey Leland and delegation involved in an aircraft crash while on a humanitarian mission to Ethiopia. From November 1989 thru March 1991, Mike was assigned to the 1730th Pararescue Squadron and 71st Rescue Squadron, Elmendorf AFB, AK. There, he received yet another Air Force Commendation Medal for the rescue of two German climbers stranded at 20,000 ft on Mt McKinley, suffering from severe hypothermia and cerebral edema. Also during this timeframe, he was one of eight climbers to summit Mt. McKinley at 20,320 Ft.

    His solid leadership was instrumental in the squadron leadership was instrumental in the squadron receiving, “most improved Para rescue facility in rescue” from Headquarters, Air Rescue Service. From March 1991 to March 1994, Mike volunteered for duties as a Para rescue Instructor at Lackland AFB, TX. He received the coveted Aerospace Achievement Award and graduated the Air Training Command NCO Academy as a Distinguished Graduate. At the US Army Master Fitness Trainer School at Ft Hood, TX he received the Honor Graduate award for best academic/physical record and attained the highest PT point total. He was also recognized as the facilities “best communicator and instructor.” From March 1994 to March 1998, Mike was assigned to the 41st Rescue Squadron, Patrick AFB, FL. Here, he was selected as the Air Combat Command HC-130P Para rescue man of the Year and received the coveted 1st Fighter Wing Warrior Award: for his superlative efforts. He was credited with saving two Spanish civilians severely injured while skiing. Mike deployed to Saudi Arabia on three separate occasions, totaling more than 8 months in support of Operation SOUTHERN WATCH. Additionally, he was overall Team Leader for 10 successful deployments supporting National Aeronautics Space Administration space shuttle contingency operations. From March 1997 to March 2001, Mike was assigned to the 41 Rescue Squadron, Moody AFB, Georgia. It was there that Mike refined his functional areas to perfection resulting in error–free findings during the ACC Unit Compliance Inspection. On 21 March 2001, he was assigned to the newly reactived 38th Rescue Squadron, Moody AFB, GA. Here, Mike was handpicked as the first Joint Search and Rescue Center Pararescue representative in Southwest Asia and performed superbly as an advocate for combat rescue operations. While deployed, he was primary jumpmaster and instructor on 25 critical upgrade training flights and provided emergency medical treatment during a car accident near the coalition compound, successfully treating two OSI agents and two Saudi nationals.

    He is survived by his sons Kyle and Cody: his dad, John Maltz: his sister, Terri M. Strippoli: and his brothers Derek and Richard Maltz.

    Master Sergeant Maltz’ s awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, Aerial Achievement Medal (with 1 device), Air Force Commendation Medal (2 devices), Air Force Achievement Medal, Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with Valor (3 devices), Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, Combat Readiness Medal, Air Force Good Conduct Medal (7devices), national Defense Service Medal (1 device), Humanitarian Service Medal, Air Force Oversees Long Tour Ribbon (1 device), Air Force Longevity Service Award Ribbon (1 device), Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon (1 device), and the Air Force Training Ribbon


    Level II

    Level I

    Run 400m
    50 Pull-up
    200m Farmers Carry (50s/25s)
    50 Ring Dips
    100 Push-Ups
    50 Knees to Elbows
    100 Sit-ups
    Run 400m

    Run 400m
    35 Pull-up
    200m Farmers Carry (40s/20s)
    35 Ring Dips
    75 Push-Ups
    35 Knees to Elbows
    75 Sit-ups
    Run 400m

    Run 300m
    35 Assisted Pull-up
    200m Farmers Carry (30s/15s)
    35 Assisted Ring Dips
    75 Knee Push-Ups
    35 Knees to Wherever
    75 Sit-ups
    Run 300m


    • Shane says:

      Predicting record amounts of grunts in the 0530 tomorrow…

    • Joe A. says:


    • Mark M says:

      35:03 RX (I think).
      Joe A and I were making sure there was no man or woman left behind in this workout. You’re welcome everyone. Uge class today.

    • Bill says:

      Maltz: 27:31 rx #55 db’s

      -constantly changing the hand positioning on the push-ups helped to push through them.

      -grab the 50’s early if it’s a larger class.

      Great 0530 crew!

    • Greg M says:

      28:04 L2

      Hats off to those who did this RX. It is a beast.

    • Shane says:

      24:15 RX

      Big class for a tough WOD…

      I pulled some BostonMike stuff this morning. I kinda maybe took Ryan’s pull up bar by mistake. Sorry Ryan. 🙁

      Loved the epic ab mat showndown between Mark and Joseph. After 75 back and forth grunt filled reps it became obvious Joeseph and Mark don’t like each other. At the top of each crunch, Joeseph yelled “is that all you got!!!”. Mark returned fire saying “whooooo’s your daddddyyyy!!!”

      Mark and Joseph have video evidence….

    • Joe A. says:

      Maltz: 38:34 Rx’d. That was brutal, thanks to everyone for staying late and cheering me on. And thanks to the 0630 for not kicking me during redline while I was grinding through the sit-ups

    • Joe A. says:

      Shane you took Ryan’s pull-up bar and Bill’s rings – but I guess it’s your gym and we just work out in it. Mark and I definitely wanted to show the later classes where the top of the time cap was – great workout by all

    • Shane says:

      In my defense BostonMike took my rings and he hid one of my DBs. Didn’t know about Bill’s rings. Sorry Bill!!!

    • BostonMike says:

      If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying….

      Aftrr the first 10 ring dips, every rep became a grind.

    • Bill says:

      No worrries Shane! It was chaotic in there! I had a brief flash of being a step child but Joe immediately offered to share his rings. Class act Joe!

    • Jess H says:

      You guys are a mess 🙂

      35:17Rx (assisted dips)

      Great 9:30 🙂

    • Simon says:

      26:10 L2 (rowed the 1st 400, ran the 2nd since my arms felt like wet noodles – ring dips were a bear).
      Yes, hats off to the Rx folks on this one!

    • John B says:

      31:56 Rx
      Great 0530 for a tough one – all that was missing was a Gunny screaming in our face…although Joe A and Mark M did have Shane for that…

    • Bill says:

      Glad we went with the Sox instead of the Pats logo on this one! Boston Strong!

    • Michael says:

      23:19Rx – that was a tough 1st WOD after two weeks off

    • Alex Witkus says:

      27:25 Rx

    • Aaron K PCF says:

      28:50 rx’d

    • Cristy B says:

      Maltz 29:43 RX