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Athlete Profile: Jeff J(2) a.k.a. “Dr. J”

Q: When did you start with PCF?
A: April 2010


Q: What was your exposure to CF before coming to PCF? What is your prior fitness background?
A: Never did crossfit before. In my minds eye, I was fit like those Windows commercials where the guy thinks he invented Windows and is really good looking, but is really a fat putz. I was fairly active in martial arts but had to stop due to foot problems. I quickly discovered how out of shape I was during Foundations. Another good sign that there was room for improvement was the first time I met Brian Wilson. We were working on mobility and he looked at me and said “I think you need to work on nutrition”.


Q: Talk to us about your thoughts after completing your first WOD (ie, “Am I crazy?” or “I might die!”).
A: During my first wod (1/2 cindy) I was really happy. Although it was painful, I realized that I really missed vigorous exercise and I had a feeling that I had discovered something that I would really love and that would work.


Q: Tell us a little about then vs. now with regard to your performances: on benchmark WODs (Cindy, Grace, Fran, Helen, etc) or lifts. Where did you start and where are you now?
A: When I first started I could only do 2 pullups unassisted and ran a 14 minute mile . My last Cindy I did 19 rounds and I was able to do “Murph” in under 50 minutes.


Q: Any favorite or least favorite WODs/movements?
A: My favorite WOD is Linda. I love lifting heavy weights. I like kettle bell swings because my short arms make me good at them and I love dropping a heavy barbell with bumper plates from overhead after a heavy clean and jerk. I still hate running but I recently ran an 8 minute mile which is huge for me.


Q: Memorable CF/PCF moments you’d like to share? Anything else you’d like to add?
A: I am a huge fan of all of the PCF owners, trainers and members. Everyone is encouraging and enthusiastic and because we live in Washington, they are not your typical muscle heads.

I have a mild (ok not so mild) Larry David/negative/Neurotic streak but when I show up at Patriot and hear Erika say 3..2..1..Go! that gets blown away and I feel great.

My favorite moments are the Saturday morning WODS. Although I am a devoted Patriot member, there is no better way to start the weekend than a sweaty(somewhat smelly) 45 minute shit show at Potomac with 50 other crossfit addicts.

My other favorite moment was beating RJP in a WOD. Nothing personal RJP, but it is very satisfying for a short 44 year old, somewhat overweight cardiologist to finish ahead of a 25 year old crossfit coach, even if I never do it again.

The last thing I would like to add is that crossfit has benefits outside the gym. Before PCF I would laugh with my patients about how hard it was to lose weight and stay in shape, but felt embarrassed and hypocritical that I was in such poor condition and was giving them advice. Since starting crossfit, almost every day patients ask me how I turned things around. Many of them are not ready for crossfit, but I am recommending interval training and low carbohydrate diets (still not convinced by pure paleo science).


Q: Any advice for our newbies?
A: All you have to do is let crossfit work, because it does. If you show up, work hard and listen to the coaches you will see great results.

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I know the snatch is hard. I have struggled with it for years. But you have to believe that if you can develop the ability to complete even a moderate snatch, its incorporation into your arsenal of movements will make you faster, stronger, and, most importantly, more attractive.

2-2-2-2-2 (80% 1RM)

5 Rounds
5 Overhead Squats (95/65)
5 Overhead Lunges (95/65)
5 Dips

Post loads and times to comments.