Group Foundations

Foundations is composed of 6 small group classes over 4 weeks. The cost of Group Foundation is $249. This will introduce you to the 9 basic CrossFit movements and other common CrossFit exercises and includes a workout in each class. Attendance is mandatory and all classes must be completed within one month. If you have to miss a class for any reason, you will be charged $50 for your first make-up and $75 for any subsequent make-up. You will also be able to attend unlimited Workout of the Day classes after your 2nd Foundations Class. Upon completion of Foundations, you will automatically be signed up for an unlimited membership. If you wish to attend at the 13x per month or 9x per month, OR if you would like to cancel your membership at Potomac CrossFit/Patriot CrossFit, simply email and we’ll change/cancel it within 48 hours.

Click here to sign-up for Group Foundations.

Private Foundations

Private Foundations is six-classes that must be completed within one month. These are scheduled based on you and your coaches availability. We offer a 4-on-1 class, 3-on-1 class, 2-on-1 class, or a 1-on-1 foundations. You receive free Workout of the Day classes while you’re in Private Foundations. If more than a 1:1, you must assemble your own group. Click here to schedule 1:1. Email if you have a 2:1, 3:1 or 4:1 ready to begin. We do not form groups for you for Private Foundations.

Rates for Private Foundations are:
1:1 – $450
2:1 – $350
3:1 – $325
4:1 – $275


We have three membership option levels available. You can pay for your membership via two methods: Credit Card (there is a 5% fee on each transaction) or ACH (by providing your routing and account number of your bank account). To provide your ACH info, you must email

Below are the membership prices:

  • 30% fee for breaking contract.
  • Can move membership level, contract length must remain the same.
  • Applies to new members only after Oct 1.
  • There is a 5% fee if you pay with a credit card


  • Couples Discount: 10%
  • Active Duty Military/Law Enforcement/Fire Dept: 15%

Couples Discount: 10% to each member. This applies to married couples ONLY.
Athletes can only use one discount, either the Couples or Active Duty Military/Law

Test Out

For experienced CrossFitters, we have two Test Out options:

1) You may have your CrossFit Affiliate Coach email stating that you have passed an On Ramp/Elements/Foundations. We will then email you so you can create a profile and sign our online waiver. On average this process takes a maximum of 24 hours between the time your coach emails us and when you have an account and membership setup and can start attending class.

2) If you do not qualify for Option 1, you may schedule a test out if you have been CrossFitting on your own and regularly for at least six months by emailing The Test Out is 30 minutes and scheduled such that you can participate in the WOD right after the Test Out if you pass and sign-up for membership. Cost for the Test Out is $60. If you do not pass the Test Out, you must attend Foundations to continue at PCF. In either case, your $60 will be credited to either your membership or your Foundations purchase if you sign up within 48 hours of your Test Out.


You must be a member of another CrossFit Affiliate in order to drop-in for a WOD. Otherwise, see our Getting Started page.

You must sign up for the class prior to attending by clicking here. You will be required to create an account and sign a waiver before you’re able to attend a workout. Sign-ups will be available 24 hours prior to class time.

Our drop-in fee is $20.

Please email if you have any questions.