Monday 110822

Posted by | August 21, 2011 | WODs | 18 Comments

You have a little flexibility with the squats. The one thing we don’t want you to do is add too much weight. If you need to reduce the weight a little to maintain bar speed, that is fine. If you need to do one less rep in a couple of sets, that is fine, but be sure to do one extra set to make up for the missed reps. Do more weight than you did for your sets of 5.

3-3-3-3 (80% 1RM +5lbs)

4 Rounds
6 Unbroken Hang Squat Clean (135/95)
8 Unbroken Ring Dips
10 Unbroken Toes to Bar
Post loads and times to comments.
Remember that if you are still working on 10 strict pull-ups, you should be doing push-ups rather than dips.