1. Membership Contracts
2. Location/Parking
3. Showers
4. Paleo Diet Resources
5. Shoes
6. Athlete Gear Storage
7. No Dropping
8. Hand Care
9. Travel WODs
10. How to Warmup for Strength WODs

1. Membership Contracts
New contract terms, effective December 2014. Those who have already purchased a contract prior to these terms can still put their membership on hold if they need to, but any contract purchased once that expires will be under these rules:

You may cancel a contract by providing a doctor’s note, proof of change of address ten miles from our locations, job relocation email/letter, or military/government deployment orders. Contracts broken for any other reason will require a penalty fee of 30% of remaining contract obligation paid in full at time of termination.

You may suspend a contract by providing a doctor’s note.

For complete membership terms, click here.

2. Location/Parking
Parking is free for two hours for clients of Potomac CrossFit and Potomac Rehab Center. Location, parking and bike racks Map.

3. Showers

We have men’s and women’s showers.

4. Paleo Diet Resources

The most important thing you can do for your health is to adopt a Paleo Diet.  These resources can get you started:

5. Shoes

This doesn’t matter too much, but since everybody asks, here’s the best shoes we’ve found for CrossFit:

  • Inov-8 (anything between F-180 to F-230)
  • Reebok Nano
  • Nike Metcon

6. Athlete Gear Storage:
We don’t have lockers, everything is in plain view of the training area.

7. Dropping Policy for Potomac CrossFit

  • There is no dropping at Potomac CrossFit because of noise issues.
  • Ditching for safety is always permissible.
  • If you ditch or drop, you will be required to lower the weight you’re working with: no exceptions. If during a Strength WOD (Squat 3-3-3-3, etc) you will remove some weight. If during a METCON WOD, you will be required to take all weight off your bar and just use a barbell. If using a KB or DB, you will reduce the weight.
  • If you drop twice in a WOD, coaches will stop you from continuing the workout.
  • If you consistently ignore this guidance, your membership will be cancelled immediately and no refunds will be provided.

8. Hand Care

a. Check out CrossFit Virtuosity’s Hand Care Guide.
b. Tape Grips.
c. Gymnastic Grips.

9. Travel WODs
a. Your best bet during travel is to do a drop-in at another CrossFit affiliate.
b. Second best is finding a hotel gym or globo-gym and trying to do a version of the Potomac CrossFit WOD.
c. You can do your own WOD utilizing just body weight or a hotel gym. There are multiple lists of “CrossFIt Travel WODs” out there on the interwebs. Most of these are really long METCONs. See above.
d. If you have to do an all bodyweight WOD, know your ability level and scale accordingly.

10. How to Warmup for Strength WODs
a. For Olympic Lifting days (Snatch, Clean, Jerk, Push Press), we program either

The warmup for these will be the same based on your 1RM:
3×40% 1RM
3×50% 1RM
2×60% 1RM

b. Our programming cycles for olympic lifts last about 9 weeks. Every 9 weeks, you should be increasing your theoretical one-rep max (T1RM). So if you are an Rxd athlete, in your first cycle, and your Push Press T1RM is 200 lbs, you would lift:

4x3x70% = 140 lbs
5x2x80% = 160 lbs
4x1x90% = 180 lbs

Your second cycle you would add 5-10 lbs to your T1RM, depending on how you feel. Let’s assume a T1RM for cycle 2 of 210 lbs:

4x3x70% = 145 lbs
5x2x80% = 170 lbs
4x1x90% = 190 lbs

c. For Power Lifting days (Squat, Deadlift, Press) we program either

The warmup for these will be the same based on your 1RM:
5×40% 1RM
5×50% 1RM
3×60% 1RM

d. If you don’t know what your 1RM is, you can design this qualitatively for either Power or Oly:
5 or 3 x Light
5 or 3 x Medium to Light
5 or 3 x Medium
5 or 3 x Medium to Heavy

e. Your first work set should be heavy but doable. Build up from there unless you know exactly what you’re doing an are on a linear or periodized progression..