Friday 170217

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  • CrossFit founder and CEO Coach Glassman is coming to D.C.! Come to CrossFit DC (1365 H St NE) on Friday, February 17th, to hear Coach speak at 1:00pm and share tacos with your fellow CrossFitters! A taco bar at noon, so arrive early for lunch and the opportunity to meet Greg and other members of CrossFit HQ, as well as mingle with your fellow DC CrossFit community! Coach will be speaking on CrossFit’s continuing fight for integrity in the scientific community and its efforts to combat Big Soda.
  • Do tire flips, yoke carries, sled pulls, and atlas stone lifts sound like fun to you? If so, come check out PCF’s hybrid CrossFit-Strongman class (it doesn’t matter what your level of strength is) – classes run at Patriot every Sunday from 0800-0930 and the 2nd and 4th (& 5th) Sunday at 1130.

  • RX’d

    Level II

    Level I

    Front Squat

    AMRAP 10 Minutes:
    30 Wallball (20 to 10ft/14 to 9ft)
    50 Double Under
    4 Muscle-up

    Front Squat

    AMRAP 10 Minutes:
    30 Wallball (20 to 10ft/14 to 9ft)
    35 Double Under
    2 Muscle-up

    Front Squat

    AMRAP 10 Minutes:
    30 Wallball (16/8 as high as you can)
    1 Min DU Practice or 75 Single Under
    2 MUT or 8 Pull-up + 8 Ring Dip


    • Mark M says:

      OHS 5(95)-5(135)-3(185)-3(205) (thanks for letting me work-in Joe A)
      Metcon: 3+14 RX
      Dave H. – in response to your attack on my lack of logic in reasoning this morning…all I can say is, it’s easy to talk about taking rest days “tomorrow”, but it’s never easy taking a rest day “today.” 🙂
      Great class today.

    • Shane says:

      FS-315 (1 set ,1 rep)
      Let’s see what you got Jess H! (inside joke)

      METCON-3+65 RX

      Looks like Mark and Dave are back it again. Wish they would put aside their issues already…

      Mark-did you enjoy overhead squatting in a safe space?

    • Jess H says:

      Hahahahaha rest day buddy :).

    • Michael says:

      Metcon: 3+7Rx

    • Jonathan P says:

      FS: 315×1
      Metcon: 3+43

    • Dave Hunt says:

      FS: 295×3
      Metcon: 3+41

    • Justin B says:

      FS: 295×1
      Metcon: 2+54 Rx – shoulders stopped shouldering at the top of round 3

    • Mikey B. says:

      FS: 315#
      Metcon: 2+82 Rx

      I want to thank the person who left the Molson Canadian beer in the fridge. It was delicious post 0930. We should hang out more. Call me!

    • Brad W. says:

      Lets do it Mikey, that was me! (I swear it really was, I left it from sharing at the party on Saturday). Let’s hang out!

    • Alex W. says:

      MURPH tmrw anyone? Lol