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Name: Jess F.
Hometown: I grew up a bit of a nomad. As an oil brat, I moved about every 5 years and lived in California, Singapore and Virginia

PCF: When did you start with PCF?
JF: August 2010

PCF: Favorite WOD?
JF: Anything Tabata, or a good chipper. Oh! or anything with burpees…..NO judging

PCF: Least Favorite WOD?
JF: Obviously anything with snatches or super heavy Olympic lifts.

PCF: What is your prior fitness background? What was your exposure to CF before coming to PCF?
JF: Growing up I played a number of sports, including soccer and basketball. I took karate and did gymnastics. Once I started middle school, dance became my ultimate passion. I took dance throughout high school and continued through college. As a dance minor, I was dancing and doing yoga or Pilates about 5 days a week.

I knew after college it would be difficult to keep up with this level of activity while having a full time job, but I did my best to incorporate exercise in my life. After college, like most people, I joined a regular globo gym and got into the P90x fad. It was working for a while but I found myself getting bored with the workouts. I had no idea what CrossFit was until I moved to Arlington in 2010. At the time, my roommate Noah (yes *that* Noah and no, we never dated!) had just joined PCF. Noah took me and my two roommates to a free class and I was hooked.

PCF: Talk to us about your thoughts after completing your first WOD.
JF: My first WOD was the free class at Old Potomac (RIP!). I don’t remember all the details of that WOD but I do remember thinking I was going to throw up/pass out. I was completely and utterly exhausted afterwards. I thought I had been in somewhat decent shape, clearly I was delusional. I also thought I just had the most fun I ever did working out. I signed up for Foundations that day and haven’t done a bicep curl or stepped back into a gym since.

PCF: Tell us a little about then vs. now with regard to your performances on a couple of the benchmark WODs. Favorite WOD?
JF: When I first started at PCF, I could not do any unassisted pull-ups and barely more than 5 or 6 regular pushups. Also, like a lot of women, I was hesitant to put a lot of weight on the bar. Once I got more comfortable with adding more weight on the bar coupled with a lot of encouragement from the coaches, I definitely began to see major improvements, even within the first couple of months. The strength programming and Olympic lifting also helped my stamina and endurance. I don’t think it really hit me until I was able to do Cindy Rx’d for the first time. Seeing improvements, whether big or small, has kept me coming back all these years. Next up…muscle ups!

PCF: Favorite CF/PCF moments you’d like to share?
JF: I don’t know if there is a specific moment, but I am so grateful for all the great friends I have made since I started at PCF. It makes waking up at 0500 ALMOST bearable.

PCF: Any advice for our newbies?
JF: Don’t’ be intimidated! One of the things I love most about PCF is the community. I know it sounds cliché but I really do think everyone there is there to support you – to offer help and advice. Don’t get caught up in what the person next to you is doing, compare yourself to others or get discouraged if you can’t do something. Show up, ask questions, listen to the coaches and don’t be afraid to push yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised when you do. Also it’s okay to find a safe space (girl corner shout out!), it helps, trust me.

PCF: And finally (and most importantly) Who is the best looking and most fabulous PCF coach around?
JF: Alison! She is one of the most positive and supportive people I know. She is a great coach, a great friend and an awesome Lib Tav dance party partner! A close second goes to Mike R. Anyone who will run an extra mile to help me get through Murph deserves a shout out!

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  • Holiday Weekend Schedule Announcement: Friday Patriot classes at 0630, 0930, 1200 and 1630. 0530 and 1730 CANCELLED. Saturday Patriot classes at 1000 and 1100 ONLY. Potomac schedule: 0645, 1200 and 1645 on Friday, Potomac closed on Saturday.


Level II

Level I

EMOTM 10 Minutes
1 Deadlift
2 Strict Muscle-ups

AMRAP 15 Minutes
1 Clean (205/145)
3 Box Jumps (30/27)

EMOTM 10 Minutes
1 Deadlift
1-2 Muscle-ups

AMRAP 15 Minutes
1 Clean (155/105)
3 Box Jumps (27/24)

EMOTM 10 Minutes
1 Deadlift
1-2 MUT or 3 Pull-ups + 3 Ring dips

AMRAP 15 Minutes
1 Clean (115/75)
3 Box Jumps (24/20)
5 Seated DB Press


  • Keith K says:

    Great profile! You always bring a smile to the gym!

  • Megan says:

    Yay Jess! You own the right corner. “Next up- muscle ups!” 🙂
    Happy fourth!

  • Todd says:

    @keith: congrats on PR DL!

    EMOTM: 135# x 2 & asstd ring dips
    Metcon: 15 rounds @ 135#

    Great profile!

  • Brooke says:

    Emotm: 200 dl/a bunch of failed strict MU and 7 kipping MU
    Metcon 15+1, 85 Pc, 3 hspu to abmat, 24 inch step ups.

  • K-Nay says:

    EMOTM: 255 / 30 kipping pull ups
    METCON: 16 +4 @
    1 Power Clean (135)
    3 Box Jumps (27)
    5 Seated DBPP (25)

  • Jon W says:

    EMOTM: 20 strict MUs, 20 185# DLs (trying less weight, more reps approach)
    Metcon: 16+1 rxd @ 185# PC

    Great and packed 0930 today.

  • Brett says:

    EMOTM: 275 / 10 MU
    Metcon: 16 + 3 @LII (165# PC)

  • John S. says:

    JESS! 0530 stalwart and all around kick ass lady!
    Always holding down “girl corner” and rocking the best handstands in the gym! Get your muscle ups, girl.

  • Joe A says:

    Great Profile Jess.

    EMOTM: 275# and 5 Muscle-Ups. The struggle continues…

    Metcon: 16+1 @ LII w/ 30″ box jumps and 5 strict HSPU per round.

    Great big holiday-sized 0930

  • Jon W says:

    And awesome profile!

  • Coach Jen says:

    Strength -N/A
    Metcon – 10rnds RX strict HSPU
    extra work – 2 hrs lawn mowing and a fun little game of pick up sticks!! :-))))

    Have a fabulous July 4th PCF

  • Jess says:

    EMOTM- DL- 155, assisted pull-ups and dips
    Metcon- L1, 17 rounds. 3 HSPU per round instead of DB Press.

  • Lisa L says:

    Yay Jess!!!

  • Dave Hunt says:

    EMOTM: 315/19
    Metcon: 17+2 Rx

  • AlisonPCF says:

    Jess is as fun as she is strong, which is to say… booyah. Great profile, lady!