Get to Know Your Captains – Katelyn Thomas


Katelyn Thomas | Captain, Team Potomac Justice

What is something most PCF’ers don’t know about you? A secret talent? An embarrassing story?
I was the third runner up (third loser) in the Miss Pre Teen Virginia Beach Pageant

How/when did you get started with CrossFit? What has made you stick around?
I started in 2015. CrossFit is the only exercise experience I have ever looked forward to and enjoyed. However, a majority of the time I am in quite a bit of pain. We are crazy people!

What has your past experience with The Open been like?
In 2016 I did most of the workouts scaled but did not officially register. In 2017 I registered and did two RX’d and three scaled. I actually did 16.4 twice, prescribed, because I wanted to get to the HSPUs. The open workouts made me push harder than I ever had before. It was nuts.

So, you’ve been named captain (nice work!) of one of the PCF Intramural Open Teams… what does that mean to you?
One of my favorite things is watching people discover  and fall in love with Crossfit. I know I will have some people on my team that have never done the Open before and I know they will surprise themselves by how well they do.

What are you looking forward to most about this year’s Open/Intramural Open?
Hopefully seeing improvements upon last year’s open. However, I think I was in better shape last year so I’m not going to be too hard on myself if there are not dramatic improvements. I am looking to have fun and encourage my team.

For people that have never done the Open before and are maybe on the fence, what would you tell them?
If you have done CrossFit  for even just a couple months, you will be able to do everything that is programmed. And if you come on Friday at Patriot or Saturday at Potomac, you will do the workout regardless, might as well sign up!

Some Stats on Katelyn…
Grace 4:53
Fran 8:41
Deadlift: 235#
OHS 125#
Press 95#
Clean #140
2k Row 8:35

Favorite CrossFit movement? Right now, it’s pistols.

Least favorite movement? Turkish Get-ups